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The area is offered for walks in the nature, exploring, climbing, resting and pleasure. The traveler will enjoy the local products and the hospitality of the residents, while ten minutes of walking are enough to reach a natural environment with thick vegetation.

We should also mention the bath of Smokovos, that many people visit because of their curative properties. They are located in the 35km on the way to Rentina from Karditsa. Around there is the lake of Smokovos, which was created in 2002 with a dam, thick forests and many animals. The scenery is always beautiful in the river with the plane trees or in the fir forests and you can also see old villages with traditional architecture, Byzantine castles and monasteries.

"Mill" in Kedros

Next to Onoxonos river in in the village Kedros, there is an old, rock water mill that still works with the traditional technique: It exploits the power of the river to grind the cereals of the area.

"Braxos" in Thrapsimi

The location "Braxos" is opposite the settlement Thrapsimi. You can see the whole Thessaly plain from there, from the mountains of Meteora to the mountain Domokos and from the mountain Olympos to Agrafa.

Mountaineering shelter "Tsounakas" in Vathulakkos

In the top "Tsounaka", where Vathulakkos is located, there is the mountaineering shelter "Tsounakas". In a totally green environment the visitor can enjoy the fir forest and the alpine grasslands.

"Agios Nikolaos" in Kedros

In a short distance from Kedros, there is the grove of Agios Nikolaos, know in Karditsa for tours, especially for school ones. Today there is an oak forest where the ancient city Orthis used to be. It is one of the few forests that have been rescued in Karditsa. In a short distance from there, there is the chapel of Profitis Ilias, in the top of a hill full of pines.