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Welcome to Rentinia inn Pension

In the middle of Agrafa, in the village Rentina, a place where the history, the civilization and the endless beauty of the nature are obvious in every spot, we welcome you and we promise a dreamy stay.

It is built in 900m altitude, it has 400 residents and it belongs to the county of Kerditsa. It abstains 55km from Karditsa and 54km from Karpenisi. It is an ideal destination for holidays and also for those who are in a business trip and want to avoid the noise of the city, while being next to it.


In a traditional settlement that is characterized by the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage and it has many oak and fir forests around it, our traditional hostel will offer you hospitality, comfort, luxury, privacy and a unique opportunity for relaxing and exploring.

Rivers and brooks, thick forests, forgotten rock bridges and a big number of churches and monasteries are composing the scenery you have to explore.

Monuments & Museums

In Rentina you will find monuments and two significant museums. The «Museum of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art» that is housed in the chapel of Ag.Serafim it holds many pictures of exceptional art, precious holy stuff and very old books.

The «Museum of National Resistance» that is housed in the primary school and holds significant curios of the National Resistance in 1941-44 such as photos, proclamations, symbols etc.


Enjoy your stay with a good strong therapeutic hot tub or for relaxation and fun. The marble bathrooms of our rooms are equipped with special hydromassage cabins that, with the combination of hot water and oxygen they offer, relieve tension and let the water work like a caress on the muscles of the body.

Complete your spa experience and completely relieve stress and tension with a delightful hot tub.
rentinia inn
rentinia inn
rentinia inn
rentinia inn
rentinia inn